Mary Jane

Imagine waking up in the morning in pain. Going to work daily in pain. Coming home in pain. Can’t sleep because of the pain. Headaches, muscle aches, joint aches, probably anything you can imagine hurts. That’s how I have lived my life for the past however many years I can remember. I don’t know ifContinue reading “Mary Jane”

What Y’all Eating?

I’m back… to tell you about my recent experience at my job. I’m a waitress at a beach restaurant so we get a lot of tourist. Dealing with tourist can be rewarding or it can be a disaster. So the other day I was serving my tables and as I walk by the lady sittingContinue reading “What Y’all Eating?”

We are Different but Still Both Good

In the last post I said “parenting is hard”. I honestly feel like the “normal” for parenting is something not all of us can achieve. We grow up to believe you have to do everything for your children. If they don’t have a mountain of presents for Christmas, if they don’t have a birthday partyContinue reading “We are Different but Still Both Good”