Anxiety is…

Anxiety is intense, excessive, and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations.That is the text book definition but let me tell you what anxiety is to me. Anxiety is the mild panic when I am parked facing away from the school bus stop because somehow I convince myself we are going to miss the hugeContinue reading “Anxiety is…”

Why I do what I do

A lot of people have been coming to me and saying things like “you’re beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise” or “I’m sorry I didn’t know these things happened to you” or just trying to make me feel better because they have read/watched my blog. ( if anyone would rather watch) I don’t doContinue reading “Why I do what I do”

Importance of Mental Health

Let’s talk mental health. It’s what I preach on so let’s address it a little further. We’ve touched on depression so let’s touch in recovery. October 2018, my grandma( moms mom)passed away unexpectedly. She had many health issues but it was still a shock. The next Thanksgiving was really rough as I spent just aboutContinue reading “Importance of Mental Health”

I’m Your Mom Now

A couple years ago, I was a general manager at Sonic. That was my job for years. I met many of people during my career there. I made life long friends, met people with many different talents, and met people with many different stories. One story I will never forget and I got reminded ofContinue reading “I’m Your Mom Now”

Let’s Talk Depression

Most of you guys know by now just from reading the blog that I suffer from depression. About a year ago I was diagnosed with severe manic depression and severe social anxiety on top of three other minor forms of depression and anxiety. Since then, I have been prescribed antidepressants and as you guys knowContinue reading “Let’s Talk Depression”