Emotional abuse is abuse

How many times have they kept you from your family?

How many times have they called you a whore for talking to an old friend?

How many time have they tried to get you fired from your job?

How many times have they followed you to work because he didn’t trust you?

How many times have they made you share your location on your phone?

How many times have they called you stupid, or fat, or a bitch?

How many times have they controlled all the money and left you broke?

How many times have they threatened to kill the selves to make you stay?

How many times have they screamed and belittled you?

How many times have they threatened you?

How many times have you lashed out and now it’s all your fault? They did nothing wrong it’s all you.

I remember a time when I was scared to leave because I thought he would kill himself. It’s awful. Feeling stuck. Feeling as if there is no way out. Pure awful. But I decided one day that I was more important. I couldn’t take the screaming and yelling. The name calling. The threats. The belittling. I used to beg him to hit me so I’d have a good reason to leave. Have you ever begged your spouse to hit you?! The fuck?!

Emotional abuse is abuse. I feel like it’s actually worse. The bruises will heal, the words they say will stick with you forever. Leaving is probably the hardest thing to do since you do have to start all over. You will have to start from scratch. You will have to pull yourself together and find your worth again. If you don’t have a good support system, and chances are you won’t because they have secluded you from your family and caused endless arguments between y’all, it’s harder. I’m not going to sugar coat it and say it’s easy. You will have to go find a job and explain why you’ve been unemployed. You will have to struggle for a little bit. You will have to regain that strength to live on. But most importantly is you will.

You will.

You will.

You will be ok. You will move on. You will get it together. You will find happiness. You will find yourself. You will have a better life. You will make it through. And you will be proud of yourself for leaving.

Just know you will survive. 🖤

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