I’m Back!

Sheesh.. I’ve been away too long! Two much has happened so this will probably be a couple posts worth.

Last post I told y’all about the move. Well it’s been 4 1/2 months and we’re in Tennessee! We absolutely love it here! Not sure how the summer weather is so similar to Florida weather but other than the stupid amounts of humidity we are in love. Every where you look there are mountains. The smoke lays over the tops of the mountains like something you see in a movie. I am in heaven here! The sunsets over the beach are phenomenal, recommend for anyone who’s never been buttt the sunsets with the mountains poking through are so much better. And I can swim in the lake and be surrounded by mountains. It couldn’t be any more perfect.

We have had our struggles for sure, like right now hubs truck is broke down 🙄, but we are making it and we are making it the best. Of course, anyone who knows Mike knows he’s a home body but I have been exploring more and spending more time outside. I have visited Dollywood, the local public pool, waterfalls, overlooks, all kinds of things. Did I say I just love it here?!

Aside from the views and just being somewhere I don’t hate, it has been so good for me as well as the rest of my family. Back home I hated my job, I was surrounded by drama, my entire family was there so I often felt overwhelmed and sometimes judged. Something about living in a small town where you grew up (yes, Panama City is a small town. I know all y’all tourist think it’s some big city 😂) just sucks you in and almost feels like your drowning. It’s like as soon as I moved back there from South Florida everything I left was there waiting for me to pass the “Entering Bay County” sign. So much it felt like a weight lifted off of my shoulders when I left for Tennessee. I have always been the “mom” of the family because my mom worked a lot. Living in the same city as all of my siblings, at age 30 I still felt like the mom. I felt like I was required to take care of them and sort shit out for them. Moving away took the pressure off. While each of them know I will be there for them always it’s a weight off my shoulders. While we’re still renting we aren’t renting from family and living on the same property as family and that makes a world of difference. I found a job I don’t hate. Back home I was loyal to my team and managers that I stayed in a shitty situation and it took the worst toll on my mental health.

Mental health is going to need a whole page by itself so I think imma end here and say something you’ll probably hear me say a million more times. I 10/10 recommend leaving your home town. I think you’ll be surprised at the things you can accomplished when you’re not being held down by past choices, hating family members, and the responsibility of everyone in the city.

Pure happiness ♥️

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