500 Miles Between Us

In 2018, I got a job offer to move to Poinciana, Fl. Taking this job was going to be huge for me. I was going to move to a brand new city, lead a team to open a brand new Sonic, make new friends, and raise my kids in a new better place. We would only be 40 minutes from Disney, 2 hours from Busch Gardens, and so close to a new life for me and my children. I was so excited for this move so I told my entire family. My mom was excited for me and decided she would follow me. She wanted to get away from the town as much as I did. My siblings were excited but sad because they would miss me and the kiddos. Most of the entire family was proud of me for making the move, however, my dad was not. He told me I couldn’t moving. I asked him why? Marcus moved to Orlando to peruse his dreams. Why couldn’t I move? His answer was shocking. He said I couldn’t move because I am a single mom with 3 kids. How am I going to raise children on my own? In a city where no one knew me?

Well for starters. I have the best friend who was also my boss who was there for me at every step of the way. Steph and I agreed before moving we would help each other with the kids, since she’s a single mom too, and her mom and my mom agreed to be there for us if we needed it. And we made it. We both eventually came back but we made Poinciana our home and we survived together.

Today, 7 days before I start my new journey to Tennessee, I haven’t told any of my family besides my mom and my siblings. I’m sure my dad knows. I’m sure someone has told him. And 7 days before I pack up my belongings and drive 8 hours to my new home I remember the words “you can’t move” being said. I have allowed that voice to quiet me through all of this. I have allowed that voice to limit who I’ve told about moving because I’m worried about who’s really going to be on my side.

But today. Right now, in this moment, I am telling the whole world. In 7 days I get to pack up my, my husband, and my children’s belongings and drive the 500 miles to our new home. I will not allow ANYONE to discourage me. I will not allow ANYONE to tell me I can’t. I will not ALLOW anyone to talk me out of this. This is the day I have been looking forward to since moving back to Panama City and if you are happy for me, great, come visit. If you’re not, oh well, soon there will be 500 miles between us. āœŒšŸ»

I write this to tell everyone that no matter what choices you make, make them for yourselves. Don’t let anyone persuade you. Don’t let anyone make your decision for you. Stand up for yourself. Make your own choices, who knows it could be the best adventure of your life.

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