Step Parents


Imma say it one more time just in case you didn’t hear that. Step parents do not get enough credit.

Growing up do you know who I remember being at every game? Who taught me how to throw the ball? Who taught me how to bat? My step dad, Steve. While him and mom were together when I was little, he will always be my step dad. Everyone has their issues and him and mom ended up divorcing but he hasn’t ever stopped loving us and we are still his children and he will always be my step dad.

When we were at dads house Paula used to build us forts in the living room and we’d all camp out and watch movies. The twins and EJ have even been part of the movies sleepovers. We used to play board games for hours. I have the best mom but I also have a pretty great step mom. We’re lucky to have her in our lives.

Mike, is the best step father. While he’s only been around for almost 2 years, he is still fantastic. He loves my kids as they were his kids. He treats my kids the same as he treats his kid. He does so much for us, not only laundry and housework, but so much that we could never thank him enough. Every single day he picks up Belinda from school, they have their talks on the way home, he helps her with homework when she needs it. Him and Elizabeth are the same. It’s scary sometimes. We always joke that Belinda is me made over and Elizabeth is him and if we ever separate he’s keeping Elizabeth. 😂

Mike is such a great step dad he came to me not long ago and said he would like to adopt the twins so that if anything happens to me he can keep them and make sure they are taken care of. He very easily could walk away from them, no strings attached, if something happened to me tomorrow but I know he won’t. He will raise them to be assholes I’m sure but eh at least they will have a dad.

Any of you that have followed my blog or know me personally know that them not having a father has been extremely tough on us. I have spent many nights crying that they won’t have their dad at their graduation. They won’t have him to walk them down the isle. They won’t have him when they have their children. But now I know they will. I know Mike will probably cry when they ask him to walk them down the isle. Shit, he almost cried when Belinda asked him to sign her paper for school as her parent. He deserves to be their dad, legally, and he will always be their dad as far as we are concerned and this makes my heart so fucking happy. He has provided them with everything they we’re missing and I owe him the world for doing that.

So… step parents do not get enough credit!!

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