Mom. Mother. Mommy. Mum. Ma. Madre.

Since I’ve started writing my blog I have had my mom come to me a couple times saying she wished she knew the things I went through. She’s also mentioned how she tried to make up for missing people in our (me and my siblings) life. So today I bring to you my version of the story of my mom.

We call her mother because it’s her favorite 😂

Let me stop before she comes over and beats me. She hates being called mother. So mommy it is. I don’t have many memories of my childhood up until middle school but the memories I do have with mom are all (mostly) good. Obviously, as with everyone you argue and fight but for the most part my mom is always been my biggest fan.

We (BJ, Me, Callie, and Terina) all played ball. We all started in t-ball and played until teenagers. My mom never missed a baseball game. As a matter of fact she was our coach more times than not. When I was a cheerleader she was always there. She was/is the one person I could count on.

When we were kids she worked all day but she still came home, cooked dinner for us, helped with homework, and tucked us into bed. She woke us up in the morning and even drove us to school a lot of times. We never went without. Sure we moved a lot. She was a single mom of 4 after Terina was born.

I know being a mom at 16 had to be hard but she never gave up. Having three children by 21 is even harder, but she never gave up. Having 4 children as a single mom but still providing had to be hard but she never gave up. We never went a Christmas without presents under the tree. We never went without food in our stomachs and a roof over our head. We never missed a birthday. She did everything she knew to do to be a great mom.

If you asked all of us kids we would probably all have a different outlook on how we were raised. My outlook I think is a little different than theirs because I was the fill in mom when mom wasn’t around. I seen more of her struggle than the other kids. Terina was too small. BJ was out doing boy things. Callie was a grandmas girl. I was the mommy’s girl (still am).

Mom was abused, a lot, in our childhood. She loves someone and she goes through hell with them which has led her into some bad relationships. My intentions of this is not to put anyone on blast so I’m going to leave out names and try to be as discreet as possible. I’ve watched her go through things a child shouldn’t watch their mother go through and with doing that it taught me to never stay in abusive relationships. I have always found a way out eventually because I will not raise kids thinking it’s ok to be in an abusive relationship. I seen her work to support us so that’s what I do. I work my ass off to try and give my kids the best life possible because that’s what she did for me.

I love you mommy very much and I wish you all the happiness in the world. I wish you would put herself first and find that happiness. We (siblings) will be okay and we will survive. I just want you happy 😘 Thank you for always being there for me and being an amazing mom and New Nana.

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