Remember when you were in school and you were asked to write a letter to your future self. Pretty sure mine said something about being a doctor because that was my dream. I ended up getting pregnant right out of high school so my plans were modified. I wasn’t able to go to school and be a single mom (kuddos to you that can). So this is my letter to my kiddos. I hope they can read this and follow my guidance. ❤️ Hopefully not make the same mistakes as I did.

Girls you’re in middle school…just hit puberty. Bubby you’re in your last year of elementary school 😭Enjoy it! Make friends. Even if those friends are the same friends you’ll have you’re entire life, make those friends. Be kind, don’t bully. Soon you’ll be in high school and what I want to tell you about high school is these will be some of the best moments of your life. You will miss it. Go to all the school dances. I will make sure you’re able to go on your senior field trip. We will go pick out a prom dress together. I can’t wait to help you chose. Though you’ll probably be in that “I hate my mom” phase I’m still going to be the biggest support you have.

Fall in love! Fall as hard as you can. The breakups suck but the love is amazing. Especially that high school sweetheart love. Look for the red flags. I will try my hardest to teach you all of them. When you fall in love don’t ignore the red flags because you’re in love. If they are not good for you, leave them. Don’t stick around for no reason. Walk away and find someone else.

Communicate. Communicate with someone. If it’s not me.. talk to Mike, one of your aunts, grandmas, counselor, just talk to someone. Depression is real. You’ve seen mommy fight it many of times, let’s get a hold on it at an early age if you start to suffer. Never, NEVER!! Allow yourself to get so depressed and down that you think about taking your own life. You saved my life, let me save yours. 💗 talk to someone.

Love your life. Live your life. It’s your life. Remember it’s YOUR life. Don’t allow anyone to tell you what you can or can’t do. You are smart, beautiful, loving girls, Don’t let anyone take advantage of that. Go to college, travel the world, start your own business, do whatever makes you happy.

Use protection. Because we know it isn’t avoidable. Please don’t be a teen mom 😬😬 it’s hard raising a child (God forbid you have twins) as a child. Trust me, I know from experience. Bubby… use protection! Don’t make someone else a teen mom and don’t become a teen dad.

If you are part of the LGQBT community. I will love you anyways. I will always love you. it will not change a thing.

Be smart. If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t right. Do not drink(do drugs) and drive. Call me I will come get you. I don’t care what time of the night it is. I will get up out of bed and make sure you make it home safe and we will talk about it the next day. Don’t do drugs. That’s one on its own. You will be pressured into trying something at some point. Say no. It’s not worth it. IF you feel like you want to get something talk to someone(adult someone) about it first, please.

Have fun. Have the most fun. Life is too short to not have fun and too long to be miserable.

You are beautiful/handsome. I don’t care what anyone else ever says. your body size does not determine if you’re beautiful. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. The world is mean. They will try to break you down at every stop. Don’t allow it. Fight back. Stand in their face and tell them “I am beautiful/handsome”.

Always come home. Please. My door is always open. I want mommy to be your safe place. The place you run when your world falls down. Come see mommy and I’ll cuddle ya 😘

I will one day give you away at your wedding and when I do I hope you marry a man(or women) like Mike. A man who loves you and your children so much he would adopt them just to show them they are loved and to give them a father like Mike has done you. Date the nerd. Totally worth it!

Be happy! The most important is just be happy. Be you and be happy. Don’t allow anyone to convince you you need to change because you are perfect.

I love you more than anyone else ever will. I will always be here arms wide open waiting for you to need me. You are my babies. Always will be. Grown or not you’ll always be my little babies. I hope you guys have the best life ever!

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