Social Media

Have you ever had someone on Facebook and it looks as if their life is perfect only to find out in real life it’s a disaster?

Have you ever seen that perfect mom on Instagram and then met her in person to find out she has the same issues parenting you do?

Have you ever seen that couple on Twitter that has the most loving relationship but in real life he’s abusing her?

The problem with social media is people post what they want to. So we see the perfect lives and we start to compare our lives with their perfect lives and now we don’t add up. We don’t take into consideration people chose what other people know. I was that girl. Remember my marriage to William? After we split up I had a family member but also a co-worker say “You guys look so happy together” and her jaw almost hit the floor when I told her he was abusive. At the time her man was abusive too so she compared what looked like my perfect life to her abusive one and it made her feel smaller than me. When in reality I was going through the same things, I was just quiet about it where she wasn’t as quiet.

So stop comparing yourself to other people’s social media life!

Better yet just stop comparing yourself to other people. You seen that girl in the magazine and you love her outfit and you immediately think “if I had her body” no. Stop. Most of those bodies are photoshopped or have undergone surgery (not knocking this at all! You do what you gotta do!) but the moms with the fupa stop saying you’re less beautiful than the girl with a flat stomach. Girls with boobs a little saggy, who cares. We all gotta wear bras anyways. 🤷🏼‍♀️ The men with the dad bods, women will still love you. Not all of us look for the perfect body. Little boy/girls listen to your parents/loved ones when they tell you you’re beautiful. Because it’s true.

Recently, I had an encounter on social media where I posted about this blog and someone commented their blog about being obese and how to lose weight. At first I was offended, kinda hurt but then I thought.. who is this person to tell me to lose weight? Do you think I just wake up every day and say hmmm I think I was to be fat today? Do you think I haven’t tried to lose weight many of times? Do you know that I actually have dropped 40 pounds? I replied “people like you are the reason I started writing this blog, kindly kiss my 🍑”, and went on about my day. I come here today to ask you why does that person’s opinion matter? It shouldn’t.

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