Walked Away Stronger

We’re on the way to my moms house and the twin informs me she forget her pads at my house and she’s headed to my moms until we regain power. So, I have Mike go to the dollar store on the way. I go inside I get what we need and I check out. I turn around and go to walk out the door and walking in is my abuser. I hesitated walking by him. I was scared. My heart dropped to the floor when we made eye contact. He locked eyes with me and didn’t break the glare until he was too far behind me for me to see anymore. I could tell he wanted to speak but he didn’t. He just walked on by. I walked at fast as I could to the truck and as soon as I got in I let out a sigh and realized I was shaking and on the verge of crying. After we made it to my moms and dropped the girls off I explained to Mike what had happened. He talked me through my anxiety and made sure I felt safe. ♥️

The last time I had seen Jeremiah was the night he literally almost killed me. Remember that story? I let him walk free that night because that was the easiest way out. I let him walk because I didn’t want my kids to wake up to either him dead or him in handcuffs. I didn’t want to put them through anymore drama then they have already been through so I allowed my abuser to walk free with the hopes karma comes around.

I was scared. Terrified actually. But!! One thing I noticed is I’m stronger now. I can talk about it now. I can sleep at night knowing the man next to me isn’t going to hurt me and the man next to me is going to protect us daily. I know that man I seen today don’t control my life anymore. He nah scared me in a moment but he doesn’t control my emotions anymore. I finally control my own emotions ♥️

I seen my abuser today. I started my abuser in the eyes today. And I walked away a stronger women today.

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