Mary Jane

Imagine waking up in the morning in pain. Going to work daily in pain. Coming home in pain. Can’t sleep because of the pain. Headaches, muscle aches, joint aches, probably anything you can imagine hurts. That’s how I have lived my life for the past however many years I can remember. I don’t know if a time where I didn’t hurt.

When I was a teen, my mom took me to the doctor because when we would drive just home (about 30 mins from school) I would kick the floor board so hard because my legs just bothered me. She used to tell me I was going to put a whole in the floor if I didn’t calm down. The doctor said if I were older he would diagnose me with restless leg syndrome but I was too young. This pain has worsened over the years and I still have issues. I have since went back to the doctor and still no explanation for why my body aches like it does.

Last Monday, after vacation I worked a double. 10am til 11pm. Around 8pm I was hurting so bad in my legs that it was almost impossible for me to bend my knees. By the time it was 11 I was so sore but I just had to make it home.

See almost a year ago Mike suggested that I try to smoke a little bit of Mary Jane to see if it would help with the pain. I was not for it at first. I had tried smoking before as a young adult (don’t we all) but I didn’t like the way it made me feel. I didn’t like being high part so I was apprehensive but I tried it. I took the smallest part of an edible and I ate it and I waited. In about an hour I was so high and I really didn’t like it. So fast forward a couple weeks, I developed a kidney stone. I don’t know how many of you have ever had kidney stones but jeez that was the most painful thing ever. I tried medication, drinking tons of water, basically anything I could find on google to relieve the pain but nothing worked. I was up crying at night. I couldn’t work for a week because every time I stood the pain would almost knock me to my knees. So, again Mike told me to try smoking this time. Just try it one time it may help. So I’m in the bed, swaying back and forth because the pain is so bad. I take a hit of a blunt (just one) and I could feel the relief. So I hit it one more time and it was almost like a miracle. The pain eased and I finally got some sleep.

I stopped after the kidney stones and then when I was diagnosed with manic depression and 3 different forms of anxiety I researched ways to make my mood swings a little less abrasive. There it was again.. recommendations on weed to help with depression and anxiety. I took my prescription for antidepressants to Doc MJ and was prescribed medical marijuana. I got my medical card and started going to the dispensary.

Y’all when I tell you every night I come home in so much pain, some night are so bad I can’t sleep, eat, or anything. Sometimes the pain is so bad it makes me nauseous. So I drive home and when I get home I roll a blunt and I smoke said blunt and the pain goes away. Not just a little bit here and there I mean the pain is gone. Non existent. It calms me so I can sleep. It helps with my happiness. It helps with almost everything. Got an upset stomach? Smoke it helps.

There are a lot of people out there that won’t agree to smoking weed and there will be a lot of people out there that do agree. For me it was the pain relief and I will probably forever be a “pot head” because of the pain relief. Plusssss good taste so much better high 😂

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