What Y’all Eating?

I’m back… to tell you about my recent experience at my job. I’m a waitress at a beach restaurant so we get a lot of tourist. Dealing with tourist can be rewarding or it can be a disaster. So the other day I was serving my tables and as I walk by the lady sitting at the bar (not my customer, not my table, and not even my section) she stops me and she says “Can I ask you a question?” Of course I say sure and she proceeds to say “What are they feeding you guys down here? You are thick”. I am in shock and I stumble over my words.

Now, some people would say being called thick is a compliment, me, I hate it. To me saying that is the same as saying what are you guys eating down here you’re all fat. Of course this is my job so I don’t say anything crazy. I continue about my day but that comment weighed in the back of my head all day.

So my question is how would you take it? Would you be upset or would you think it was a compliment?

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