We are Different but Still Both Good

In the last post I said “parenting is hard”. I honestly feel like the “normal” for parenting is something not all of us can achieve. We grow up to believe you have to do everything for your children. If they don’t have a mountain of presents for Christmas, if they don’t have a birthday party where all the kids show up, if you don’t have a fancy house or a car, if you go out with your friends, if you have you time. These are things that is considered bad parenting to a lot of people. I’m here to tell you. Momma (or daddy) are you are doing the best you possibly can? If the answer is yes.. then you are doing perfectly fine.

When the baby is screaming but you’ve already changed her diaper, fed her, loved her, hugged her, held her, flipped her from belly to back 7 times, but the baby still screams. You out her safely in the crib and walk out of the room because if you stay in there for another second you may lose your mind. You’re still a good parent. The toddler is pitching a fit, screaming for literally no reason at all but all you want to do is make it home from daycare. You pull over only to find out nothing you are doing is soothing. So you listen to him scream and hope if you ignore him long enough he will get tired and go to sleep. That is the only possible reason he could be crying. You’re still a good parent. It’s family vacation time ask you plan it for a week that school in is because you don’t want to fight the crowds during school breaks, so your child misses a week of school. Guess what.. still a good parent. You leave your teenagers home alone for a couple hours so you and the hubby can go on a date night. Still a good parent.

There is no right or wrong way to parent. I homeschool my children, you send yours to public school. We are still both great moms. We go on family vacations to get our family time, you have family time every Friday night for game night. We are still both good parents.

There is not one way to parent. We all have things we do different. You cook dinner every night for the whole family, your neighbor has fend for yourself nights. Still good parents.

Parenting is hard. Be easy on yourself. Mental health is important. Take time for yourself. Let the kids go to a grandparents for a day so you can enjoy a date night with the hubs or go get your nails done, or whatever it is you do. Do it. Don’t get so caught up in being a mom (or dad) that you forget about yourself. Your kids cannot be happy and healthy if you’re not happy and healthy. I learned this the hard way… save yourself the trouble and learn by my mistakes.

Before the Karen’s start. I do not condone child abuse in any form or fashion. I just condone parents having some free time and making sure they aren’t suffering because of the worldly “correct” way of parenting.

PS.. thank you for all of your support ♥️

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