Valentine’s Day Betrayal

Now I’m a late teen/early adult and the way it seems is men only want you for one thing… sex. I don’t enjoy it. I don’t want it. I just do it because l that’s what girls are supposed to do.. right?

I meet the twins dad, Robert. After a little while we end up moving in together and immediately get pregnant. Pregnancy with twins, high blood pressure, morning sickness that last all damn day the entire 9 months, gaining 80 pounds, it was horrible. I was miserable. I couldn’t fit any of my clothes. My belly sticks out so far I literally can’t wash my hands standing straight. I have to wash one hand at a time just so I can reach the water. Did I mention I was miserable? It’s February, we are looking for something in the car. Robert pops the trunk and I see briefly some gifts, teddy bear and other boxes. I get excited because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Now remember this for the next part…I’m 7ish months pregnant, working at Robert’s fathers shop two days a week. Roberts car breaks down so we take it to the shop so his dad can figure out what’s going on with it. I’m on shift and Robert calls me and asks me to go look for something in the car. I’m digging around and I find a letter. A letter to my sister. “What if Linda found out” or the only words I remember verbatim from the letter. Robert was trying to convince my (minor) sister to be with him instead of me. While I’m 7 months pregnant with our children. This letter is written and passed to my sister ON VALENTINES DAY while they are down stairs of our house and I’m upstairs asleep because again I’m tired, miserable; and stupid pregnant.

So back to the gifts. Remember the Valentine’s Day gifts. I did get a little something. I honestly don’t even remember what it was. However, I do remember the teddy bear. The teddy bear, oh and a necklace that was given to my sister on Valentine’s Day. This asshole, yea he’s still an asshole, bought my sister Valentine’s Day gifts, stored them in the trunk of our car and gifted them to her while she was staying at our house. Who could be so selfish to not only cheat on your pregnant girlfriend with her sister but then you spend the money that should’ve went to your children and household bills on her sister?? 🤦🏼‍♀️ boys 🙄

At least I got smart, beautiful, loving twins out of it 💙

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