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Hey babe! You’re beautiful

Hey guys. Belinda here. I just want to give everyone some in sight on my life, bring some joy, maybe some tears, and most importantly some self confidence to my fellow friends.
A little about myself. I am 31. I am a mother of twin 12 year old girls (Belinda and Elizabeth) who just hit puberty, Lord help me now 🤦🏼‍♀️, a 9 year old boy (EJ), and a 3 year old bonus kid. These kids give me life. They are smart asses but but they are so loving. We will get more in depth about them later.
I am a server at Chili’s. While service industry is hard work, mostly mentally, it is rewarding. I will be sure to enlighten you on the good and bad days of food service.
I am a Glambassador for Charming Pixels Photography, which has been life changing for me. My photographer, Kristy, has been a huge role model and has pushed me so far out of my comfort zone that I currently live there.
I am dating an amazing man, Michael aka Mike, whom I intend on marrying very soon ♥️♥️
I am 420 friendly 🌱 💨 and would love to talk about my new found love for Mary Jane and the ways it’s helped in my life.
There are many more things you will get to learn about me, my career, my photography, my babe, and just my life.

Thank you for visiting. 😘 Love you!

* This may include sexual content, marijuana consumption, nudity, and profanity. I apologize in advanced.

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